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    We are trusted for the quality of service offered in the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo region. Our wildlife removal and control services are affordable and we use the best methods to prevent any further attacks by pests and wildlife. Our team of experts are skilled in wildlife control and they have years of experience in this field of work. Our clients include people in residential areas as well as business organizations who are in need of wildlife removal services. We offer a variety of different services that are catered towards the specific client needs and we always ensure that any further animal intrusions are impossible.

    Wildlife removal

    Our services are specifically catered towards the removal of wildlife that might have intruded your home and has been wreaking havoc in your property.

    Wildlife control

    We have dedicated staff members who ensure that the spread of wildlife is not possible, by removing all of the animals that might be hiding in corners.

    Wildlife prevention

    Our team will help you with the prevention measures that you should be taking to prevent any further animal and pest attacks in your home.

    Commercial & Residential Wildlife removal and control

    Tricity Wildlife provides safe and humane wildlife removal services, helping customers in residential blocks as well as commercial spots in Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo. Our wildlife removal experts will help to make sure that the animals are taken far away from the urban area to their natural habitat. We also suggest the best ways in which you can prevent any future animal attacks.

    We offer:



    Squirrels chew on anything that is exposed and the surface of your house that is exposed, such as the roof, vents, shingles or attic might be the first places where these tiny animals can invade. Once the squirrels are inside, they chew on the electrical wires


    A raccoon might get into your house through any small opening that it might find in your home. Once inside, they might choose to take shelter in the warmth of your house, give birth to their young ones and also find food easily.


    Skunks can be very irritating and they wreak a lot of havoc in the area that they inhabit. They release a very pungent odor as a defense mechanism and this can create a bad smell all around the house. The critters are slightly larger than squirrels but can be very troublesome.


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